The Mighty Boosh whisked the eager audience on a ‘journey through time and space’. The Mighty Boosh have clearly established a cult-like status; Noel Fielding caused a mini-riot this week as he popped out to shop in Brighton, and was soon besieged by fans. This live show was definitely one for the fans – many of whom dressed up as their favourite character. Surprisingly, the audience was more mixed than I had anticipated, with both very young children and older people as fans; it seems that the Boosh can indeed transcend time and space.

The opening of the show saw Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) rowing onto stage on two boats singing ‘Future Sailors’. Then, accompanied by witty banter, many of the other characters from the show were brought to life in an eclectically delightful cabaret show. A highlight was Bob Fossil’s dance academy, which had the whole of the Brighton Centre on its feet, learning Bob Fossil’s new dance moves. Noel Fielding, as the hitcher, went walkabout around the auditorium to the excitement of the crowd, returning onstage to wrestle a gigantic eel. Also making appearances were the Crack Fox, Tony Harrison and the Moon. For me, however, the best parts were the banter between Vince and Howard in front of the curtains, while the next cabaret piece was set up. As a comedy duo, the two characters work superbly with one another.

The second half of the show had more coherence than the first, as Howard attempted to perform a serious piece of drama about a global-warming induced apocalypse that left him as the only survivor. Needless to say it was hijacked by Vince who appeared in a huge disco ball to glam up the inhabitants of the post-apocalyptic world with his fashion know-how.

Fans of the Mighty Boosh will undoubtedly have noticed that a media backlash is currently in full swing against the Boosh. When they hosted their own music festival, they appeared onstage as a band, touting themselves as comic musicians. Unfortunately, the final section of the show only confirmed the critics’ opinions that the Boosh are heading in the wrong direction. They brought the Boosh band onstage and played a set for around fifteen minutes, whilst teenagers jumped up and down in the aisles. I found it all slightly embarrassing as Noel Fielding rolled around onstage. In the context of the show, or the series, the songs are amazingly funny, but taken out of context and lengthened they lose their comic value. This last section of singing was completely unnecessary and would have been better used for another mini-storyline.

Overall however, the show was a gratifying extravaganza of silliness, outrageous costumes and glittering props. There were some amazingly hilarious, and somewhat surreal, moments throughout the show. Only really dedicated fans would pay £12 for a programme though!

Mighty Facts…

  • Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett met in High Wycombe in 1998. This is one of the few good things to ever happen here apart from the annual fair where, if you are young, you are allowed to go in a Fire Engine
  • Rumours are circulating that a script is currently being written for a Mighty Boosh film. However, the cast are hoping to take a break after the present tour so any film is at least 12 months away.
  • With Razorlight, Gary Numan and Roger Daltry already appearing in the Mighty Boosh television series, it seems a cameo in the show is now a mark of ‘coolness’. With this in mind, Alice Cooper has hinted that he would like to collaborate with Fielding and Barrett. Expect a ‘comic’ reworking of ‘Schools Out for a Summer’.
  • ‘The Mighty Boosh’ has been nominated for the Loaded: LATFAs awards a record six times but has only won a single awards from the lad’s mag.
  • Although one looks like A genetically modified Rod Stewart and the other looks like Mowgli, it is indeed true that Noel Fielding and Michael Fielding (Naboo) are brothers.
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