Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU) are being forced to recall free condoms given out during fresher’s week after it was realised that they didn’t bear the British Standards Institution, or BSI, kitemark symbol.

The condoms, printed with the phrase “for a more perfect Union”, were handed out to promote the debating club at the university. The blue condoms were recalled by welfare officer Andrea Walko, who realised that the condoms did not possess the kitemark indicating that they had been independently tested and certified as safe.

Whilst the condoms may not bear the kitemark, they do have a CE mark to show they have met European Union standards, and the debating union’s president Adam Bott insists they are completely safe.

Nevertheless, Cambridge University has stated that they take sexual health issues very seriously and only distribute condoms that are approved by the BSI. CUSU has sent an urgent email to students advising them not to use the contraceptives, and are instead offering to replace any condom issued by the debating society along with free lubricant and a safe-sex guide.

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