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In Conversation With Laura Misch

Laura Misch is an innovative, dynamic and imaginative talent. Based in London, Laura greatly emphasises activism for environmental causes in…


Society Spotlight: Pole Society

As a sport, pole fitness is much like its participants – resilient, self-assured, and thick-skinned. The journey this activity has…

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Emma Wilson Talks Going for Gold

To the untrained eye, windsurfing is a rather peculiar watch. Athletes wrestle with their eight-metre sail, harnessing the wind to…


What’s On in Brighton?

Christmas season is upon us, which means one thing in theatre – Christmas shows are back and they are everywhere.…


Leave Room For Folklore

This is a death by a thousand cutbacks, by countless noise complaints and escalating operating costs that can’t be covered.…


Review: Invincible S2

Invincible is an animated superhero show that focuses on Mark Grayson, the teen son of the world’s strongest and most…