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SUDS: Getting Involved, Auditions And Excitement

Ali Arief

ByAli Arief

Oct 8, 2021

Words by Ali Arief, Theatre Editor

Sussex University’s well known, well-loved and highly popular Drama Society (SUDS) is reopening with a bang and I am so excited to announce that they will be opening auditions for their current Autumn productions on the 30th September to the 1st of October. 

Many societies throughout the pandemic have been the target of having to adapt and overcome the restrictions put in place for public health, and being a Drama Society, it should come as no surprise to hear that the society would’ve taken a hit during one of the most hard-hitting years for the Arts sector. That didn’t stop the society from theatre making however, with many creators putting their own work online for the student body to access and enjoy. 

After joining The Badger as Theatre Editor back in 2020, I spent many hours watching live streams to review and report on the latest Theatre and Drama news from my bedroom desk. Seeing live Theatre was impossible, and I was so unbelievably excited to get back into Theatres to see productions once more. It truly was an experience I took for granted. 

Supporting our student run Theatre company is a cause which I believe all of us at Sussex should follow, and I cannot wait to see what this society puts on for us all this year. Throughout the course of this year, I am pledging to keep up to date and to see every production that SUDS puts on this year, and I will do my utmost best to report each one.  I would encourage anyone who is interested in the Arts to try to see as many SUDS productions as you can, as I’m sure there is going to be plenty to watch this year. 

I would highly recommend checking out their Facebook page for more information on how to join, and the society is available on Instagram and Twitter as well. SUDS will be putting on plays and productions as well as putting on a whole host of workshops to get you trained up in Theatre and Drama, if you’re looking to get started with acting, directing or becoming a technician. There will be no lack of opportunities to meet other Theatre lovers too, SUDS will be hosting a whole range of socials including nights out and coffee mornings so there is something for everyone to get involved with. All of this is accessible via the society’s Facebook page. 

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