Read more about the incredible events which have taken place both on campus and in Brighton in celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, and find out what else is on!

Angel Woo | Staff Writer

LGBTQ+ History month runs every February in the UK to celebrate the history and pride of the LGBT+ community. Brighton, our beautiful town with it’s liberal and vibrant vibe, is a hub of celebration throughout the month. Here are the most interesting, not-to-be-missed events that have taken place or are yet to come, on campus and around the city. 

“NQotB: This is Who I Am” was held in the Marlborough Pub and Theatre. It is a harrowing spoken-word event following LGBTQIA+ experiences of the UK asylum process. One couple, who were separated at the border, said: “They say we don’t have any civil evidence that we are a couple. And we’re like “how can we show you any civil evidence if homosexuality is forbidden in my country? Would you want us to go back, get married and be killed?”

We all have struggles during our childhood and puberty, right? Or perhaps some of us are also struggling now as well. How to define ourselves? How could I construct my own identity? There are many forms of living in the world, but the main problem is, how to find our own way? You might fall into the abyss of identity crisis, trying to figure out ‘who am I’ is never an easy question, yet, a must-ask question in our lives. This is the struggle of the protagonist in Moonlight. The film follows the story of an African-American man who struggles with his identity and sexuality during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The film won Best Picture in Oscar and had received International. Rugby Women screened the film on the 11 February, and all entry fees were donated to Stonewalll. 

A Queer Night at the Museum will be held on the 21 February in the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. A variety of events will be held there, allowing visitors a chance to better develop their knowledge of the queer identity through different performances and events:

Thick and Tight, the award-winning dance duo based in the UK, will give a performance with a mix of dance, mime, theatre and drag. They say they are influenced by historical, political, literary and artistic subjects. They have invited Bird LaBird, a performer and comedian who “puts the camp back in communism and the fun back in feminism”. 

A Pushcart Prize-winning poet will also hold a community open mic, and if you are interested in performing, you can email to book your very own  slot. There is also a live crafts evening with Brighton queer nightlife legend Boogaloo St, and Lasana Shabazz will be giving a provocative performance about “#blacklivesbetter”. 

At Sussex, “SMuTS Karaoke: Songs of Gays” will be held on the 23 February in Northfield bar. Whether you are a music lover, or just want to express your feelings through music – don’t hesitate to join in! There is one rule, thought – only gay anthems are allowed! 

For those who are more interested in the activism side of LGBT+ history month, and want to use your voice for the better, – the “Sussex Pride 2020”, being held on the 26 February,  is the perfect choice. You can also help with banner and sign making for the event on 25 February. After the Pride parade, there will be an after-party in Room 76 where students will surprise you with their amazing performances. No matter if you are a student or staff member, everyone is welcome to join, so please come and  support the LGBTQ+ Sussex community! It is the perfect opportunity to fill the campus with love.

There are many more interesting events waiting for you to join, so be sure to check out the LGBT+ History month event on And remember, LOVE IS LOVE!

[Image Credit: Daniel James]

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