You may have noticed the weather getting colder as we approach the winter months. This is a welcome feeling for some after such a hot summer.

However, for those who are homeless or experiencing fuel poverty, plummeting temperatures can be a real problem and, in some cases, life-threatening.

One campaign group in Brighton aims to solve this issue.

Hot Water Bottle Network Brighton is collecting donations of hot water bottles and distributing them to those in need.

The campaign, first launched by Brighton Love Activists in the city, is also active in Manchester, Leicester, Bath, Nottingham and Cardiff.

The group has been leaving hot water bottles in public places and tied to trees.

The bottles also include information on where to find refills of hot water. This can be challenging for the homeless who are often excluded from food and drink venues as well as supermarkets.

The Network says: “The warmth of a hot water bottle can literally be a lifesaver for folk living out in the cold on our streets during winter months.”.

The network is active on social media and those who wish to donate should get in contact with them.

The group encourages donors to give water bottles with The British Standard Mark to ensure they are safe and durable. They should also bear the manufacturer or distributor mark and the group have provided links to approved hot water bottles.

Donors can also give to their Justgiving page so that the network can continue their work to keep people warm this winter.

Brighton has a large homeless population and renting in the city is expensive when compared to the South East average.

Many other volunteer groups and initiatives have been set up by Brightonians to combat homelessness and poverty.

Image credit: Pixabay: congerdesign.

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