Finding your feet in a brand new city can be overwhelming and confusing at first, however Brighton offers a range of alternative travel options to satisfy all preferences. Whether you are an active student, looking for cycling and jogging in the coastal air, or a person who prefers the more efficient options like trains or buses.

The integral route that all students want to know about is that from University to Brighton and vice versa…

Routes with Buses

The 23, 25, 25X, 28 and 29 buses run between the centre of Brighton and the campus. The most popular usually being the 25 and 25X which you can get on and off at popular central spots such as Churchill Square and Old Steine.

Not only this, but there are other services such as the 84 and some 5B (Hollingbury) and 50 buses (Hollingdean) which venture out more than the more direct alternatives given above.  Most bus journeys take approximately 20-30 minutes depending on varying conditions like time of day.

The University of Sussex Website offers more information under its ‘Schools and Services’ section and for live timetables to plan your journey visit their website.

To purchase tickets you can do so on the bus or through the Brighton and Hove buses app which is a faster and usually cheaper. Tickets vary from day, monthly, termly and yearly, so it is worth investigating so that you can obtain a ticket that meets your specific needs.

Discover new places to venture: It’s easy being green

The train route is the most simple and direct but most expensive of the travel routes, depending on whether or not you have a student railcard. If you do not have a student railcard then the rate of a return ticket is £3.50, which is more expensive than the all-day bus ticket, which is £3.20.  Price with a railcard is around £2.30. Trains are from Brighton to Falmer and almost always arrive and depart from Brighton station on platform 8, sometimes platform 7.

A greener alternative to all of this however is cycling, and there are many provisions in place to support students if you wish to do so.

There are many cycle paths within Brighton, which includes the simple route from Brighton to University; this mostly consists of cycle paths so it’s not as road-dependent for those new to cycling.

However there are also opportunities to scour out Brighton and its windy paths to the Seven Sisters, along the Coast and more. ‘Visit Brighton’ online offers a cycle map so you can plan and discover new places to venture to.

You do not have to invest in a bike either- you could join the BTN Bike Share Scheme that offers the chance to rent out bikes at a reasonable rate. There are even places to hire them around campus.

There are so many ways to discover your new hometown that you don’t have to stick to one option, try new things and experience first-hand just how diverse Brighton can be.

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