Stand-up comedian Alfie Moore is bringing his new show, The Naked Stun, to the Dome as part of the Brighton Comedy Festival on the 23rd October. The former police officer has supported Sarah Millican, Russell Kane, and Milton Jones and is known for his BBC 4 show It’s a Fair Cop as well as appearing on TV and radio shows such as Show Me the Funny. Alex Mason asked him a few questions to get acquainted… 

What’s your show about this year?

I was a police officer for many years and this is a true story of my dogged determination to track down a serial flasher in Scunthorpe.

Have you got any fond memories or strong feelings concerning Brighton?

I love Brighton. It’s one of the last remaining traditional Victorian seaside towns. I arrived at my B&B on the seafront last July and looked out of the window on hearing bells ringing, and saw a few hundred naked people cycling past and thought, “this doesn’t happen very often in Scunthorpe!”.

What other shows would you recommend at this year’s Brighton Comedy Festival?

I shared the same Edinburgh venue as Sarah Kendall in Edinburgh this year and really enjoyed her show A day in October.

What one joke do you wish that you’d written?

Written by Jimmy Cricket: “My wife said to me, ‘there’s a man knocking at the door with a beard,’ and I said, ‘I’m surprised you could hear him.’”

How many students does it take to change a light bulb?

Change? Don’t you mean exchange for the one that’s still working on the stairwell?

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