A ‘kiss-in’, styled on the similar Brighton event that took place earlier this month, was held in London in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday, to protest against the treatment of a same- sex couple on a London bus.

Earlier in October, Jack James and his partner, who were kissing on the bus, were reportedly told by the driver: “Oi, you two, don’t do that on my f**king bus or you can get off, I don’t want to watch that”, before going on to say that it was within his rights to remove them for their “disgusting behaviour” .

Transport for London have launched an investigation in response.

Inspired by the success of the Brighton event, Vicki Baars, Fran Cowling, and Michael Segalov, Sussex Students’ Union Communications Officer, organised what was branded ‘The BIGGER Consensual Kiss In’.

The event was held on 28 October in Trafalgar Square.

Niall Harman 

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