An intrepid local badger made the newspapers in April after falling into a swimming pool in East Sussex.

The incident began on Wednesday 27 April, when the badger became trapped in the empty swimming pool on a farm in Hailsham.

Despite attempts to tempt the furry critter out, he remained there until the following morning.

When the badger would not utilise a plank of wood, lowered in to provide a walkway to safety, rescue services were called to the scene.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service was called to the scene and used the combination of a dog grasper and a net to retrieve the animal and return it to its natural habitat on the farmland.

Rescue co-ordinator Trevor Weeks stated, “Badgers are never easy to catch at the best of times and this location was not easy – especially the nettles.”

Despite being frightened and confused, the badger had no injuries. It was released safely after a day under observation at the rescue centre.

No doubt the fame-hungry creature would be proud to have made the pages of our appropriately named student paper.

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