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Cockroaches infest East Slope

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Nov 6, 2009

An infestation of “hundreds of cockroaches” was discovered by a group of freshers only days after they moved into their East Slope residence.

The insects, which can transport potentially harmful microbes, were found living in shelving and behind the oven in the kitchen area.

Robin Wooller, who was first to notice the tiny flatmates, told The Badger: “At first we thought they were earwigs so we sprayed the shelf with insect repellent [and] thousands fell on to the worktop. It was horrible.” Robin, who is studying history, says that he is just “glad that it’s getting sorted.”

Fellow flatmate, Chloe Poppleton, reported the issue to the maintenance department, who called in a pest control team to deal with the problem. They have begun a month-long process of extermination that involves covering the kitchen with highly adhesive strips to trap the roaches.

The University said in a statement: “It is testament to our cleaning services that these incidents are incredibly few and far between.” And they reminded students that they are “responsible for clearing up after themselves.”

A University of Sussex spokesperson also confirmed that the University is still committed to the demolition of East Slope, after the new North Field development has been completed.

2 thoughts on “Cockroaches infest East Slope”
  1. I’m not surprised at all!
    I was shocked at the state of this accommodation when I brought my daughter in September. Students are being ripped off and the sooner East Slope is demolished the better!

  2. Well actually we’re not being ripped off, although we have cockroaches it’s still by far the best place to live in terms of social life and general happiness!

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