We lay there, intertwined

A beautiful assortment of legs and

My arms numb from holding your weight.

Your breath is mimicking mine as we become 

Breathless and relaxed all at the same time.

Your heartbeat and the ticking of your stupid clock

Are the lullaby as I drift off,

And wonder can get any closer to you?

Can I get any closer to you

As our bodies lie together

With my arms tucked under your shirt

And our heads so close together

That each breath I take is just the soft exhale of your own.

Could I climb into this thing we share 

And somehow tend to this restlessness I feel 

From just not being close enough 

Can I get any closer to you?

The practicality of distance

Has started to lose all meaning

It is less about proximity now

And more about that part of me that is yours.

Whether you are telling me you love me

From miles away as the connection goes bad

Or pressing your lips to my forehead.

I will always be thinking

Can I get any closer to you?

Molly Openshaw

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