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Television, film, books, theatre and artists themselves: all brilliant ways to explore the medium of ‘art’. This being said, there is one section of art that doesn’t have its very own section in The Badger arts section. Food. 

Now, I will be the first to admit that my relationship with food has not always been the most healthy. Whether that be sue mental health or the complete lack of energy to cook. However, this being said, i like to think I’m doing much better now. I have moved past the carrot sticks and coca-cola diet of my first few weeks of uni, to now include a much more varied repertoire of delicious dishes that can be whizzed up at a moments notice. Communal living with a group of lovely friends has definitely aided this transition to a healthier and positive outlook.

Following on from the trend of communal dining it brings me to the topic of this article – pancake day! For those of you unaware of this brilliant event that endorses the eating of a ridiculous amount of pancakes, then here are a few facts to help you out:

  • Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) was created as a way to use up leftover fatty and rich food before the following Ash Wednesday (beginning of lent)
  • The first ever pancake recipe is said to be recorded in a 15th century English cookbook 
  • The highest pancake toss was completed in New York 2010, being tossed 9.47 metres high!

Which toppings to use is a dilemma that has to be addressed the morning of pancake day, yet the big question about this day occurs the monday night before – to crepe or not to crepe? Now, I don’t want to incite any aggression over one little article in a university newspaper; however, wars have started over less. Do you prefer a crepe or an American pancake? Last year when I was living on campus, pancake day was spent in the ACCA cafe, eating a stack of American pancakes with two of my flatmates. In contrast, this year was a true indulgence when my house and I made over 40 crepes (and a bit more), consuming them in a worryingly short amount of time. 

I’m not sure whether it was the satisfaction of making them myself or learning how to turn off the smoke alarm in the kitchen, but there was something truly wholesome about my uni family pancake day this year. However, this doesn’t mean that the pancake joy I had the other week is a distant concept for all you readers at home. Oh no. In fact, I shall be providing some Brighton based alternatives for all you lovely folk to try (either through Deliveroo, Just Eat or when lockdown eases up – now when will that be?). 

Before lockdown, my best friend had a bit of an addiction to Crepe Affaire, something I struggled to come to terms with given it’s a chain. However, after having one of their ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ crepes – I will admit that I was forced to consider a world where corporations had ultimate control. Don’t worry though folks – this didn’t have a lasting effect. 

Going Nowhere Man is next on my list. It is absolutely beautiful! Although a bit more expensive, it is definitely worth it. The atmosphere in the cafe, complimented by a lovely team of staff, make this pancake (and bagel) house a must see attraction for any Pancake-o-phile based in the Brighton region. Coupled with this, they have recently become active on Deliveroo! I am yet to order from them online; however, have been reassured that there has been no compromise on quality, quantity or service (and you can take that to the bank). 

Moksha is my final recommendation and for good reason. This cheeky minx snuck up on me when I was trying to get a Dodo pizza before they officially opened and had to appease my hungry belly with something else. Oh how glad I am that it was Moksha that came to my rescue (and not the dodgy kebab shop down London Road). With their menu brimming with a range of excellent light bites and meals to keep you and your party of 6 satisfied, one should definitely add Moksha to the list of places to visit. Their pancakes have been approved by my little sister, the one and only, who really is a tough nut to crack.. So you heard it here first folks, click on Deliveroo and get munching because this delight is not one to be missed.

Now if you are a student, as our average reader suggests, this may be out of budget. If so, fear not because crepes are only a few minutes away as long as you have eggs, milk and plain flour, in the house. I would post the recipe here; however, I wasn’t allowed to make the pancake batter this Shrove Tuesday because I got too enthusiastic about the egg cracking (madness I know).  So just google crepe recipes and BBC good food should come up with some mighty fine suggestions.

Whether you’re a shroving or a shriving, I hope you let the spirit of Shrove Tuesday improve your day. That spirit being the utter compulsion to eat pancakes with friends and enjoy good times.

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