Theatre image 10The poorly written play festival written by Carolyn Gage performed over the last weekend was a true demonstration of comedic genius.

The detailed direction and casting from the directors of Immie Burt, Tom Chester and Cat Kerr, mixed with the comical genius and timing of the actors, created an atmosphere of confusion and joy. Each element seamlessly fell into place to allow the audience to fall into a wacky story full of creativity and a wonder.

The audience was full of friends and family roaring with laughter at the delivery of lines, action and many comical asides. Each actor performed with full commitment and enthusiasm which built a true illusion that we were all watching a real greenroom. This was aided and perfected by the genius of technician Beth Moore who strung the piece together elegantly. This mixture of perfectly timed lighting and sound, with the full dedication from actors, led to golden moments of pure joy and humour for the audience.

The inspiring jests built through choreography extended the flow of the piece further. Clear inspiration was drawn from practitioners such as Frantic Assembly. The strength of each actor to not corpse was astonishing and furthered the audiences belief in the story. The ensembles’ inputs and trading of ideas clearly paid off throughout the piece. As every joke fell the audience only seemed to become more immersed into the persona of each character.

I feel one of the best qualities of this beautiful display of talent from both on and offstage students was the effect on the audience. The way the audience laughed throughout the play gave the people who dedicated their hours a true, well deserved accomplishment. Whether it was setting up lighting rigs, learning lines or picking the script apart to the last detail, every part of this performance combined to create an atmosphere to truly appreciate all our least favourite aspects of theatre in a stunning way.

I look forward to more SUDS shows in the future!

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