It is with great excitement I can announce that a range of new plays are coming your way! In later editions of The Badger I will be mentioning all upcoming productions, including a play SUDS are taking to Brighton Fringe later this year; however, in this article there is only one I shall be focusing on.

The Poorly-Written Play Festival will be available for you all to come and watch from the 6-8 March in the Debating Chamber, Falmer House. The first show on the 6 March will be relaxed, with calmer lighting as well as performance, all with the hope of promoting inclusivity so that everybody feels welcome to come and watch, regardless of disability. Given the production is hitting the stage in the midst of the four week strikes, you have no excuse to miss out on this hilarious play.

The play is being put on by fantastic director Immie Burt and produced by the equally lovely Catherine Kerr and Tom Chester. The cast is, if I do say so myself, looking absolutely fantastic. To my knowledge rehearsals are going swimmingly, the only issues being when members of the play burst into bouts of laughter due to the sheer hilarity of the script and acting, as well as each other. The cast is as follows:

Stranger – William Greene

Loman – Tom O’Reilly

Stella – Rachel Nielsen

Lady Bracknell – Liz Scott

Eugene – Josh Talbot (The Badger’s very own Travel and Culture editor)

Hedda – Jess Hake


Yes, that last name is surprisingly correct. I have managed to get myself cast into a SUDS production and although the line learning is far from easy, I am enjoying every moment.

For those of you who just cannot wait to see the play, follow it @ and come to the pub quiz in Room 76 on Wednesday 19th of February. All members of the cast will be in character for the duration of the quiz, so I suggest coming along if you fancy a good time. The play promises laughs galore and I am going to stop the article here before I give away any spoilers and get in trouble at rehearsals! I look forward to seeing you all at the pub quiz and in the audience.

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