Christmas lightsChristmas time is just another designated period of the year that is an excuse for a bit of flamboyance, such as theatre. Every family has their own little traditions when it comes to this time of year and my family is no different. Since I was little, I can remember my mum taking me to see a show in London for a day out during this festive period. Peter Pan in Covent Garden, Billy Elliot and Matilda on the West End.

Maybe all this regular theatre attending is why I’m the theatre editor?

When I think of Christmas theatre, pantomime is one of the classic genres that come to my mind. The funny back and forth with the audience, the dance routines and the well known tales – a brilliant way to spend your Christmas period. Sadly, I now associate these pantomimes with my own personal experience where I was a dancer in one of these shows when I was 12 years old. Now to anyone who knows me, my gracefulness is not the main attribute that comes to mind when describing me and; therefore, it is no shock that when I think of pantomimes now, I hear the yells of my poor dance teacher trying to drill her artistic vision into me. Pantomimes bring back the memories of crying children, disappointed directors,  splintering scenery and Peter Pan and Tiger Lily getting it on in the wings. Hence why I am glad to announce that this year I shall not be viewing a pantomime. Instead, my mother has got my father, sister and I tickets to the local university production of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’.

Theatre is one of the traditions of Christmas that many people associate with. Whether it’s the magical story telling, or the moments of peacefulness where you don’t have to interact with your family, I hope you all enjoy your own holiday time this year.

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