Komedia recently hosted The Maydays ‘Tonight’s Top Story’ featuring Gramski and Jenny Moloney, drawing from the day’s local newspaper and the audience to create a truly hilarious show. The improvisation group were adamant that they had yet to read said newspaper and from the broadsheet clippings the audience selected, the group produced a stunning performance throughout the night, creating incredible jokes about everything from Andy Murray to a liberal hillbilly from America. 

The night was split into three sections, the first of which was an opening duo called Gramski and Jenny Moloney. The two are a great singing/rapping duo of improv genius, creating rhymes upon rhymes of comedy gold that left me in tears of laughter. Much like many improv artists, the two took to the audience for their topics. One of which was the Badger (my suggestion) that, wait for it, roller skated. Yes, it was as bizarre as it seems and yet the entire room in Komedia was laughing their heads off. What heightened the humour was the quality of the music that they produced. As I had never seen improv before it was incredible to be constantly laughing at something that hadn’t been mulled over many times in its creation. Yet, instead, to take pleasure in the spontaneity.

The second stage of the show was focused on The Maydays. Taking newspaper clippings, that the audience had chosen from the most recent edition of The Argus, this improvisation group created several comedic scenes that the audience and myself rolling in joyous laughter. What surprised me was the fact that this group even sang! It was evident from the smile on the groups faces that they really loved performing and that passion was displayed through all work they created that evening. 

The combination, however, of both Gramski, Jenny Moloney and The Maydays – both which have won awards for their performances and are well known in the Brighton performance sector – allowed for a truly holistic comedic creation as the opening third of the night got the audience warmed up for the main event of The Maydays. 

That night I was not the only one who had never been to see an improv show – there was indeed another in the audience! The other newbie was in his local newspaper once, which was the topic for the final third of the night. He and his friends, when they were young, pulled down the fence that surrounded a public tennis court. This amusing anecdote that the topic for the final twenty minutes of the show. And by god was it good! Somehow, and it still bemuses me today, weeks after the fact, the narrative manifested itself into the coming of age of Andy Murray and the passing down of an acting role from actor to actor which somehow coincided with one another. It was combined with whirlwind of call backs to earlier in the night as well as pure creation in the moment, leading me to thoroughly enjoy it for the entire time. I have yet to go to another improv show as of yet, but be sure that when I find the time, and a willing friend to accompany me, I shall be going to see The Maydays especially.

Harrison Fitzgerald



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