For some of you last week may have been time of peacefulness and calm, yet on campus it was a whirlwind of drama, courtesy of SUDS. They started off the week with a monday night showcase that was better than even my lofty expectations. 

Elise Simond, Your Dead Customer: A 10 minute scene from this student written play was performed to kick off the showcase. With cardboard boxes strategically placed in the room with the actors in costume, I felt as though I was about to witness a professional piece of theatre. The sheer level of skill the actors portrayed in their set was impressive and their timing impeccable. A high calibre and intriguing piece that set the bar high for the rest of the night.

Georgina Klovig Skelton: I’m not sure whether if it was the passion in her voice or the words Skelton sang, but she took my breath away. As Skelton’s music filled my ears I was quietly contented and counted myself blessed to be able to attend such an event. She carried on the excitement of the first act and had the audience eagerly anticipating the next. 

Rachel Naylor, The Book Club: This was Naylor’s writing debut and it was not a disappointment. Three actors delivered a funny 10 minutes for the audience to revel in. I was lucky enough to be performing in this segment as Susan, a 30 year old woman. Naylor played Melissa and Beth Moore was Janet. The moment I read the script I fell in love with the dark comedy Naylor had created. Three women at a weekly book club and complaining about their husbands.  Biased as I may be, the continuing barrel of laughs the audience produced ratifies the idea in my mind that ‘The Book Club’ was a great success. Now, fingers crossed everyone that Naylor decides to put pen to paper and write an entire play for next term!

Sam Williams: It was punchline after punchline with Williams on Monday night. I was lucky enough to previously interview him in regards to his new show Timepieces and he made me chuckle numerous times in that 20 minute chat, yet little did I know I was in the presence of a comedy mastermind. His ability to read the room and produce content that hasn’t been overdone and overused was a refreshing change of pace. Williams created jokes with stories so unique, I was genuinely surprised I hadn’t paid a lot more for a ticket. See this man live before the tickets before your student loan is forced to stretch to a night at the Brighton Dome. 

George Kempson, Anterograde: Anterograde is one of the upcoming plays that SUDS is putting on very soon and the audience were lucky enough to be blessed with a monologue from the play, performed by George Kempson. A dramatic pause is, on occasion, my guilty pleasure and I was in luck Monday night as Kempson also seemed to have an adoration of them too. His voice was varied and should his pursuits as an actor fail, then he should definitely consider a job as reading stories for audio books and CBeebies. If Kempson’s performance was anything to go on, the show will be a night to remember and I urge you all to get tickets for opening night. 

Massimiliano Vitelli: I urge absolutely everyone to see this performer live as soon as possible. He was absolutely loving every moment of being up on stage last monday night. His voice varied and changed with each piece he blessed the audience with. Now since GCSE english literature I have been a self declared lover of poetry, with ‘Milk and Honey’ being my basic staple. Vitelli’s performance was art in live motion and has now replaced Rumi Kaur with being my favourite modern poet. An absolute joy to see live. 

Sam Williams: This was the second showcase that Williams produced on Monday night. Having previously read the script I was already very excited to see it live! I was not disappointed and the three actors all brought the words Williams had carefully curated to live.

October Days: Sasha and Ronan premiered a new song of theirs and showcased original music from their band. What struck me was the sheer bond the two had whilst on stage together. The music they created before our eyes were beautiful and borderline ethereal. 

Beth Moore: Having previously having the pleasure of working with Beth Moore I was more than excited to see her perform. The piece Moore performed was an original monologue which consisted of a girl being at a train station, waiting for a train that was going to take her to where, she thought, her boyfriend was going to break up with her. Her piece was light hearted and hilarious, yet the points she made throughout her five minutes on stage were poignant and resonated with me. Maybe it’s because I rather relate to Beth Moore’s depiction of young women in regards to relationships, being victim to a few train platform breakdowns myself. One of the highlights of my night.

Alice Delves: Delves’ humble presence and delicate voice lured me into false pretences. I was blown away. She performed two original songs, with my favorite being along the lines of ‘who even says prom queen anymore’. A worthy act to close the night, Alice Delves was absolutely sensational. 


Every act at the showcase Monday night was worthy of performing. An utterly brilliant and lovely night, SUDS should be proud of putting on such a great event. 


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