Timepieces Badger.jpgThe other day I was lucky enough to speak to Samuel Williams, the incredible mind behind Timepieces – a student written show being performed with SUDS on the 8th and 9th of November at the Debating Chamber. Some of you may recognise the name from his radio show last year that he did with Adam Blackwell, who is now the Assistant Director for Williams’ ‘Timepieces’. You may also recognise him from doing stand-up all around Brighton and given he gigs 2-3 times a week, it wouldn’t surprise me. 


Timepieces originated from a theatre module in Williams’ second year and after the module finished, instead of letting the piece just be something to add to his portfolio, he continued to write feeling as though he owed it to the story. He has a self-proclaimed love for storytelling which is evident throughout the script that I have been lucky enough to read. In the interview he made it clear that Timepieces is not traditional, mainstream drama and I agree, Williams puts more value and weight on the words used. His love for storytelling allows for the words, prose poetry and puzzles to dominate the audience. Unlike previous dramas I’ve witnessed before, it is refreshing to see Williams treat his audience like an actual person and not spell it all out for them. By never being too explicit, it forces the reader to actively engage with his work, leading to a much more rewarding and satisfying end to the show (this being what Williams hopes). Coupled with this, the sheer beauty he has created with words is simply outstanding and he assures me that his ‘amazing cast’ will do them justice. 


Having previously dropped out of Birmingham University where he had studied politics, Wiliams came to Sussex in pursuit of the arts. As well as his theatre focused degree, he is undertaking a comedy course at the SOHO theatre, which I’m sure any viewer of his stand-up will reap the benefits of soon. Due to this being his last year at university before being shoved back into the ‘real world’, he jokes that he’s throwing as many things at the wall in a hope to make them stick.  


From the cow he played in his primary school nativity, to his radio show and now regular stand-up – Timepieces has been influenced by Williams’ history of interaction with the arts. It is a collection of emotions, skills and words. From what I read, I am genuinely excited to see how this piece of artwork manifests itself, and I look forward to seeing the words read aloud to an engaging audience. A truly unique piece of work that I haven’t seen the likes of before. A brilliant writer, Samuel Williams is a name you will be hearing again. So go see Timepieces, it will be the first show of many.


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