A review on Komedia’s latest ‘Funny Women’ comedy night.

Iconic Komedia Lit By Andy Doig NeonOffering five acts and a hilarious MC, Funny Women provides comedy that will appeal to all. With versatility in all of the acts, the only underlying theme was hilarious comedy – that I am pleased to say all performers adhered to. Esther Manito was the MC of the night and alongside introducing all the acts to come, she also engaged with the audience. With two hen parties in there was already a sense of madness in the air, with Heidi Regan being victim to a heckle – though her recovery was immense, and Esther channelled all of that energy on stage. With applicable comedy and humorous insights into her own life, she established a great vibe that she maintained as the night progressed. Katie Lane was the first act up and her presence reminded me a little of Jennifer Saunders, her well spoken manner and light hearted comedy had the audience (including my friend and I) in stitches. It was after her that Fatiha El Ghorri took to the stage, my favourite act of the night. Her brutal takedowns and comments on stereotypically controversial topics made her a sight to behold. As a muslim comic, she had a unique insight and offered jokes about ‘Persian insertion’ on muslim dating sites and whipping herself 50 times for messing up a joke established her as a one-of-a-kind full-on hilarious comic. Intelligent and well thought out jokes delivered with such sass and style made her a firm favourite with the audience. She owned the stage and exuded ultimate confidence. After her came Cheekykita, who had the whole audience screaming with delight as she made us sing along to a song of her own devising called ‘fat pants’ and provided visual aids that one of the brides on the hen parties ended up biting.

There was then a short break, yet neither me or my friend felt the need to get inordinately hammered to make the night fun – the show was amazing.

Isa Bonachera then took to the stage. She amazed us with tales of her childhood, catholic schooling and had us imagining what going to the toilet on a vacuum would be like. Isa came across as a genuinely funny women and I encourage you all to view her work. Then, it was time to welcome headliner Heidi Regan to the stage! All acts seemed comfortable on stage and natural prefromers, yet for Heidi it was as if she was in her living room. Her humour resonated with every member of the crowd and alongside convincing all of us that her partner (a doctor – very fancy) is a saint, she had us all giggling along as she told us anecdotes from her life.

The audience itself was made up of predominantly women and a few men. There were vast age differences yet the humour touched us all. Esther, Katie, Fatiha,  Cheekytia, Isa and Heidi were all naturally funny, with their style being flawless. To anyone who is under the illusion that female comedy is a sub-genre, I urge you to come seec this monthly show. It will fix any of those outdated ideas. A fantastic night, with welcoming staff, Funny Women at Komedia comes highly recommended. 

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Jessica Hake – Theatre editor 


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