At age 19, Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss became the youngest person to perform a solo show in London’s West End.  Now, at 29, he’s celebrating his last decade with the new touring show X.

A lot has happened since 2009.  After five years in the making, Sloss described landing two Netflix specials as ‘a huge moment for me’.  He has continued to appear a record number of times on the American chat show Conan, solidifying the comedian’s status worldwide. 

 Sloss is adamant that he would not have achieved international status without the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  It became his hub where he was not only spotted by his agent aged 17, but later by Netflix and Conan proclaiming that he owes a lot to the Fringe – ‘It made me the comedian I am today. And one day, in the future, I’ll burn it to the fucking ground’. 

 And his advice for young aspiring comedians?  ‘Just get the fuck on stage’.

 We asked for some information on X, but, in a world of leaks and spoilers available at our fingertips, we were told ‘no’; ‘Come and see it. You know those funny movies where all the funny bits are in the trailer? I can’t run the risk of being the comedy equivalent of that’.  It only seems fair to have this philosophy when so much work is stolen from artists nowadays, and instead Sloss wants to allow his audiences to come and experience the show first-hand.

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 On the topic of audiences, if you know Sloss’ comedy, you know that he does not steer away from controversy  When asked whether certain topics should be completely avoided to minimise offence, we were told that ‘nothing is off limits in comedy. At all. Ever. If you think otherwise you don’t belong in comedy’.

It is rare to see a comedian stay so adamant on their stance regarding offence in the times of ‘cancel-culture’ with even the most famous UK comedians, like David Walliams & Matt Lucas, Jack Whitehall, and Jo Brand, claiming they ‘regret’ past and present offensive material, possibly in fear of becoming diminished.  Sloss does, however, acknowledge that ‘there are some subjects that I absolutely will not tackle because my voice isn’t the right voice to talk or joke about it’.

But the unwillingness to censor himself is maybe why the 29-year-old sternly warned us that if you are easily offended do not come to X, rather ‘stay in and watch Strictly’.

Daniel Sloss’ show will stop at Brighton on Friday 6th December at the Brighton Dome.  For full UK dates and to book tickets, please visit
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