Jess Mcclean

‘By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes’- Shakespeare’s Macbeth Act I Scene IV

Beginning with the line ‘First of all it was October, a rare month for boys,’ Ray Bradbury’s spine-chilling novel Something Wicked This Way Comes is a must read as Halloween fast approaches.  If you’re looking for something sinister and malevolent, then forget Paranormal Activity because the image of a blind dust witch, hovering over your student house, sensing your presence with her long outstretched fingers is sure to produce insomnia.  Never again will you pass the funfair on the way to town without recalling the vision of Mr Cougar melting like candle wax into a child as he rides the reverse carousel.  On nights out, you will be mesmerised by men with tattoos, as you perilously search for your face on the torso of any possible Mr Dark;  a character who inks himself with the face of each person who falls victim to his carnival. You will fear the carnival when the police don’t believe your story, and you will fear the carnival when the carnival comes looking for you…

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